This Tool, with Your Brand

An instant & easy way for your brand to give additional value to your clients by providing them a powerful tool that supports them during their Human Design de-conditioning process and aligning themselves to their divine nature.

100% Profits

When you license this tool, you get to keep 100% of the profits from the sales you make, other than the obvious minimal payment processor fees (see Stripe or PayPal for up-to-date processing fees).

More profits means more cash to fuel your conscious business growth so you can help the world become a more conscious and harmonious place.

Free Upgrades, Forever

As the tool evolves, so does yours. All new enhancements are automatically upgraded underneath the surface, which continues to add more value to your customers over time. As our database grows, gets refined, and increases in its variety, your customers can benefit from this over and over.

Set Your Own Price

Save for the minimum agreed price set in the license terms, you can charge whatever you feel it's worth or what your clients will pay for it. This gives your brand flexibility, so you can test which price point delivers the most sales for your business.

Fast Setup

After you sign the whitelabel license agreement, the entire setup can be done within as little as a few business days, so you'll be able to get going & offer this tool to your customers in no time.

Submit Your Interest

Fill in the form below to submit your interest, and we'll be in touch to share more details about how it works, how much it costs, and how you can get started.